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like any other eighteen year old, enjoys all sides of music (thoroughly), photography, and drinking.

luke byrne.

this blog is intended for all those artistic types with your own flickr accounts, and to mainly persuade you into adding luke byrne to your friends list. luke is an astounding photographer with his photos ranging from band promo shots, albums covers and his everyday life.
art runs in his family with his brother being joel byrne - lead of my favourite band wolf & cub.
a while back joel recommend i go to his page, and when i did i was stunned at how amazing his photos really were. (strongly recommended)

here is a sneak peak at some of my favourites, regrettably i don't have a sufficient amount of time to add every single photo, and believe me, all his photos are incredible and worthy of being known.
make sure you refer to the websites above, especially the recommended one as you will be amazed. you may recognise his work from w&c's artwork and photos throughout their myspace.
i find myself logging into flickr daily just to see his new uploads.

all of these images are owned and copyrighted by luke byrne.