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viola! i started a blog.
and that's a direct quote from zachary miller when i finally stopped hassling him on helping me create a title.
after searching through my books, magazines (BATS), fellow family cd and dvd collections and itunes, we stumbled upon the title of a damn arms song 'i sink, therefore i swam'
no one understands what the fuck it is. but in all honesty, damn arms are witty and pun-alicous when it comes to titles for their songs.
theurl is dedicated to the amazing god like creature thom moore.
the only lyricalist i can relate with.
i would direct you to his myspace, but unfortunately he deleted it.
so just go to mercy arms'.

i also dedicate this first post to kelsey "kelso" heinrich for telling me to create a blog.
and i mean telling me.
"oi harro make a blog
but seriously it's all the rage now HAHA.
nah its fun
just like post pictures and shit
and say random shit
and soon enough you'll get followers for being gay"
(copied directly from myspace)
so for all you useless people out there reading my blog, seriously read hers.

and for fellow people wishing to stalk or loiter, as my url suggests,
do so:
my dear friend pete told me its going to be the future.
just like myspace is fading out because of facebook, twitter will take over the race of civilisation.
so, add.