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band of ze week.

i've been sitting here at work bored out of my brains.
it seems no one wants coffee on a nice thursday evening.
which is fucking good because i hate customers.
(only joking to my dear friend michelle whom works for gloria jeans head office and reads this).

so i've decided to start a new thing "band of the week"
which consists of me selecting a band in which i admire.
i then tell you, you listen to their music, and go to their gigs, etc.
so, band of the week the week is: the last dinosaurs.
as their myspace suggests they are four young children who, until recently, were regarded as primitive cold-blooded savages. unlike those around them promoting typographic purity in a slightly authoritarian manner, they hope to further the dinosaur renaissance through the peaceful mediums of voice, guitar and drums and kettle drums and organ.
which basically means they are four indie kids making wonderful mainstream music that is steadily invading ears in brisbane.

their next gig, which i promoted in my last blog, is this saturday at valley studios.
doors open at eight, and it's byo.

highlight song: honolulu.

not to mention, their bassist is the most incredibly good looking fellow i've ever seen in my life. such a charming man with an amazing charisma, and a genius when it comes to bass and drums.