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like any other eighteen year old, enjoys all sides of music (thoroughly), photography, and drinking.

luke byrne.

this blog is intended for all those artistic types with your own flickr accounts, and to mainly persuade you into adding luke byrne to your friends list. luke is an astounding photographer with his photos ranging from band promo shots, albums covers and his everyday life.
art runs in his family with his brother being joel byrne - lead of my favourite band wolf & cub.
a while back joel recommend i go to his page, and when i did i was stunned at how amazing his photos really were. (strongly recommended)

here is a sneak peak at some of my favourites, regrettably i don't have a sufficient amount of time to add every single photo, and believe me, all his photos are incredible and worthy of being known.
make sure you refer to the websites above, especially the recommended one as you will be amazed. you may recognise his work from w&c's artwork and photos throughout their myspace.
i find myself logging into flickr daily just to see his new uploads.

all of these images are owned and copyrighted by luke byrne.

artist of the week again.

since january 2008, the cairos have emerged as an essential key of brisbane’s vibrant indie community. playing ubiquitously from all-ages festivals to suburban warehouses, they’ve established themselves as one of brisbane’s most-promising radar-fringe acts.

the cairos bring their own sweeping sound to the angular style that is a dim-a-dozen in today’s indie bands. these youthfully inspired sounds are directing the cairos to release their first ep in may, produced at airlock studios by magoo.

this ep will merely be a brief pit stop on what has been a meteoric rise – recently sharing bills with the likes of wolf & cub, mercy arms, john steel singers, the temper trap, the holidays, yves klein blue and many more.. the band’s infectious indie pop has earned them an extensive following and although the cairos are keeping the crowds happy with a current busy string of shows, they are looking forward to spending a large portion of remaining year writing new material after their release.

at this current time, the cairos have surfaced on triple j's unearthed list, becoming the spotlight artist for this week. have a gander at their unearthed site to listen and rate their music.

also check out their myspace as they have many shows coming up within brisbane and sydney, accompanied with likes of tame impala and stature::statue.

kept low.

i finally uploaded some live videos from gigs to my youtube account.
here is one by mercy arms, their most well known song 'kept low'.

i apologise for it ending so suddenly, tom didn't realise i was recording and placed his hand over the lens, and switching the camera off.

adios and enjoy the serene sounds of thom moore.

here are some photos from the gig for your screen licking fun.


most amazing video clip on earth.

Lost Valentinos - Serio

(directed by dave ma, cinematography by ross mclennan)
from the forthcoming album "cities of gold" produced by ewan pearson and to be released in june.

here are some photos from the shoot, which i think are incredible.

nikos yiannikas.

jono ma.

andrew santamaria.

patrick santamaria.

simon parker.

band of ze week.

i've been sitting here at work bored out of my brains.
it seems no one wants coffee on a nice thursday evening.
which is fucking good because i hate customers.
(only joking to my dear friend michelle whom works for gloria jeans head office and reads this).

so i've decided to start a new thing "band of the week"
which consists of me selecting a band in which i admire.
i then tell you, you listen to their music, and go to their gigs, etc.
so, band of the week the week is: the last dinosaurs.
as their myspace suggests they are four young children who, until recently, were regarded as primitive cold-blooded savages. unlike those around them promoting typographic purity in a slightly authoritarian manner, they hope to further the dinosaur renaissance through the peaceful mediums of voice, guitar and drums and kettle drums and organ.
which basically means they are four indie kids making wonderful mainstream music that is steadily invading ears in brisbane.

their next gig, which i promoted in my last blog, is this saturday at valley studios.
doors open at eight, and it's byo.

highlight song: honolulu.

not to mention, their bassist is the most incredibly good looking fellow i've ever seen in my life. such a charming man with an amazing charisma, and a genius when it comes to bass and drums.


this saturday, support fellow brisbane bands: the cairos, the last dinosaurs, the grove and buick six.
valley studios (below birdies). 8pm. byo.
heads up, the bottle shop on wickham street has 1.5l of vb for only four dollars.
and if you ask me, which you did, that's amazing.
yes. cool. mad. sick.
see you there.


viola! i started a blog.
and that's a direct quote from zachary miller when i finally stopped hassling him on helping me create a title.
after searching through my books, magazines (BATS), fellow family cd and dvd collections and itunes, we stumbled upon the title of a damn arms song 'i sink, therefore i swam'
no one understands what the fuck it is. but in all honesty, damn arms are witty and pun-alicous when it comes to titles for their songs.
theurl is dedicated to the amazing god like creature thom moore.
the only lyricalist i can relate with.
i would direct you to his myspace, but unfortunately he deleted it.
so just go to mercy arms'.

i also dedicate this first post to kelsey "kelso" heinrich for telling me to create a blog.
and i mean telling me.
"oi harro make a blog
but seriously it's all the rage now HAHA.
nah its fun
just like post pictures and shit
and say random shit
and soon enough you'll get followers for being gay"
(copied directly from myspace)
so for all you useless people out there reading my blog, seriously read hers.

and for fellow people wishing to stalk or loiter, as my url suggests,
do so:
my dear friend pete told me its going to be the future.
just like myspace is fading out because of facebook, twitter will take over the race of civilisation.
so, add.