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sexual breakfast.

so the other day, our gang hustled over to the children collide gig, in the most embarassing all ages place it could ever have taken place in - city beach.
we were severely anxious to not be seen and ruin our street cred, but what the fuck, children collide are amazing live so we strolled on in and enjoyed their set.
except for the johnny-loving skitz that was standing behind us who we failed to escape from.

afterward we went to rics bar and tahni bought seven of us breakfast!
as the title suggests, it wasn't a normal meal..

+ children collide:


so on saturday night our gang went to the globe to witness three incredible bands play.
a) stemford hiss:
b) last dinosaurs:
c) lost valentinos:

all bands played amazingly, and it was actually the best night we've had out considering alcohol was severely overpriced and we had to wait two hours in the bathroom to prevent being kicked out.
here are some photos taken by everyone and anyone.

p.s. valentinos set list. SCORE!
crowd + gang:
lost valentinos:

last dinosaurs:

stemford hiss:


underexposed is an exhibition by brisbane music photographers that runs for three weeks featuring live music and workshops.
underexposed gives you an insight into an art form so often lost in the moment.
it's basically an exhibition featuring some of the best – established and emerging - music photographers in brisbane. bringing together those select shooters who have captured the visual side of brisbane’s aural history – be it with emerging local bands, or international ones - underexposed aims to showcase that fleeting moment in time where a subject, ordinarily so intense and public, is caught in a period of stillness and reflection: the essence of the show, the artist, encapsulated in that one shot.

live bands include the cairos, drawn from bees, screamfeeder, villains of wilhelm, black market rhythm co, the quills, etc.
photography will be exhibited by some of my friends stuart blythe, elleni toumpas, charlyn cameron, aaron sammut and justine edwars. the exhibit is at levi galleries in woolloongabba.
the picture below basically sums the whole gallery up, if not the links should do it.

this week.

(in order of coolest shit first)
there is a tonne of things occuring.

firstly, on saturday night is the lost valentinos headlining their 'serio' tour at the globe.
this gig is supported by brisbane hotties last dinosaurs so make sure you don't miss it.
chances are the lost valentinos will be playing all their new songs from their upcoming debut album which will be released in two months. i have the demos are they are fucking insane.

secondly, ninelives gallery starting this friday night are hosting artwork by beastman.
you can check out beastman's artwork and photography at these fellow websites:
as well as coming along to the launch.

lastly, the gayest thing, children collide playing an all ages show in city beach.
what the fuck we all said when we saw this.
but they are truly an insane band that we witnessed at big day out, so even if it isn't your scene, listen to their music.
or head to their 18+ gig at alhambra this weekend.

i also apologise for all the profanities in this blog.
i really was not in the mood but needed to update this.
take care.

shutter crack.

luke byrne (coolhandluke) has uploaded more photos recently.
and as my hero, i thought i should help and promote him.
(yes i have rights to his copyrighted photos so for all you whores out there blabbing on, well fuck you)

his photos are also now on shuttercrack. (
which is one of the most amazing accomplishments you can achieve if you're a photographer.

youth week.

so yesterday, our gang chilled in brisbane square listening to shit bands with fake vans play, while reading ze amazing bats magazine and drinking free nutrient water.
yes, that's right. FREE.
afterwards we went into west end while maximilian attempted to teach us to skate.
and by saying 'attempt', i mean we failed miserably falling on our heads, knees, arms and crashing into parked cars. i apologise in advance for the dints.
we also abused the shit out of dan koyama in front of his unit by paying out his band. but honestly, they're the best brisbane band.

here are some photos from youthweek of the bats crew, slash us, slash the semi-talented bands.


bats business card.

smoking is bad. but good.

max and i.

bats crew and campbell "can do" newman.

bette, jordan and kelsey rushing to FREE NUTRIENT WATER!


tahni the nikon pirate.



3\/erY 1 l0V3z BriiZb@n3.

forgot their name, awesome guitar though.


vasy mollo blur.

bette again.