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comic sans ep launch.

"one fucking crazy night" surely sums it up.
for the encore we all got up on stage to sing/dance/tackle/kick/scratch/pick up others to the protectors cover, 'i'm a sister'.
some fuckers smashed their drinks on stage too, resulting in everyone bleeding, which was a sure highlight. we now have scars to remember the night by.
ep out now through rocking horse and major music outlets within brisbane, get your hands on a copy because it is truly amazing.

photos from the night by jake miller.


thom moore; comic sans,
by oliver doom.


their sound is somewhat a schizophrenic experience where psychedelia meets punk and heavy rock, with 80s-inspired romantic synthesizer sounds mixed in. sounds crash into each other in structured calamity, however they display musical dexterity and sophistication.
be sure to stop by the club house (corner of empire) tomorrow night to hear and purchase their highly anticipated ep, digital natives.

free entry + drink specials + disco garage = what more could you ask for.

30.10.09 + 31.10.09.

lick it's third birthday party @ empire; incredible night.
photos by photoDD and penny lane.

+ halloween.
travelled to the hangar, didn't watch any bands, only soundless popeye on the televisions.
night full of meat pies, death stares and catching two male hobo's sleeping together in red hill car park.