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youth week.

so yesterday, our gang chilled in brisbane square listening to shit bands with fake vans play, while reading ze amazing bats magazine and drinking free nutrient water.
yes, that's right. FREE.
afterwards we went into west end while maximilian attempted to teach us to skate.
and by saying 'attempt', i mean we failed miserably falling on our heads, knees, arms and crashing into parked cars. i apologise in advance for the dints.
we also abused the shit out of dan koyama in front of his unit by paying out his band. but honestly, they're the best brisbane band.

here are some photos from youthweek of the bats crew, slash us, slash the semi-talented bands.


bats business card.

smoking is bad. but good.

max and i.

bats crew and campbell "can do" newman.

bette, jordan and kelsey rushing to FREE NUTRIENT WATER!


tahni the nikon pirate.



3\/erY 1 l0V3z BriiZb@n3.

forgot their name, awesome guitar though.


vasy mollo blur.

bette again.