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this week.

(in order of coolest shit first)
there is a tonne of things occuring.

firstly, on saturday night is the lost valentinos headlining their 'serio' tour at the globe.
this gig is supported by brisbane hotties last dinosaurs so make sure you don't miss it.
chances are the lost valentinos will be playing all their new songs from their upcoming debut album which will be released in two months. i have the demos are they are fucking insane.

secondly, ninelives gallery starting this friday night are hosting artwork by beastman.
you can check out beastman's artwork and photography at these fellow websites:
as well as coming along to the launch.

lastly, the gayest thing, children collide playing an all ages show in city beach.
what the fuck we all said when we saw this.
but they are truly an insane band that we witnessed at big day out, so even if it isn't your scene, listen to their music.
or head to their 18+ gig at alhambra this weekend.

i also apologise for all the profanities in this blog.
i really was not in the mood but needed to update this.
take care.