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moth presents the greatest of the greats.

just back from a convincing european tour, lost valentinos are ready for a run around australia on their conquistadisco tour. lost valentinos will be heralding the arrival of their new single thief, which comes on the eve of the unearthing of their debut album cities of gold.

produced by the hugely sought after producer ewan pearson, the album cities of gold becomes legal on 09.09.09. born from a journey that took in two years and the cities sydney, berlin and london, it remains a brilliant, fresh, cohesive body of work that more than accounts for the attention and acclaim this band has attracted since birth.

on a crisp winters morning in 2006 the mystical spirit that is ghostwood was born. in a high school rec room somewhere in sydney, the vision of 3 minds met at point where time stood still and they were afforded a moment of sublime transcendental clarity and their future was decided upon. ghostwood, a melancholic trip of a guitar band have returned from the uk having played shows with the likes of klaxons, howling bells and van she.

with special guests:
moon jog
charlie, why!
wolfgang djs.